• Designed and produced in Italy,
    Gallo’s socks stand for distinction,
    identity and an eccentric elegance.
    Monochromatic or multicolour fantasies, energy and high quality make up for an eclectic, at times ironic, but always refined look, affirming one’s personality in every occasion. Gallo’s socks become collectors items.
    You never get enough.
  • 2015. Giuseppe Colombo, Managing Director and creative mind of Gallo, chosed as ambassador for Samsung Maestros Academy, because "thanks to him, a true revolution of colours has come to the socks world, a new aesthetics capable of seducing the entire world". VIDEO
  • 2015. OrtoGALLO, the charity socks from Gallo to feed the planet. Nature inspired creations: fruit and vegetables, colours and solidarity are mixed to share EXPO 2015 message. On sale from the 1st of May 2015, part of the revenues donated to OVCI for all the kids in the world.
  • Cotton yarns of the most precious quality, the Egyptian one, adjusted in infinite colours variations. Its from here that all Gallo socks are born.
  • The charm of handcrafted production: the art of linking by hand, passed down generation to generation.
  • The charm of handcrafted production: the precise and manual check for a perfect pair of socks.
  • Giovanni Gastel for Gallo. The iconic Twin Rib socks under the lens of a great photographer, for the adv campaign AW 2012-13.
  • Attention to detail, a guarantee of excellence: Cotton yarns always undergo quality tests.
  • Attention to detail, a guarantee of excellence: checking the yarn titration is key to have precise sizes and perfect socks.
  • 2005. Gallo Socks 24h/24h: an automatic distribution machine to satisfy even the most avid Gallo buyers.
  • Industrialized artisanship: thanks to the cone-winding machines all the yarn flaws are removed in order to have refinement at its best.
  • 2014. GALLO Reef, an homage to the coral reef and the untouched oceans. You can now wear coloured corals without damaging the sea.
  • A timeless tradition: the legendary Bentley looms, priceless machines, guardians of precious productions, saved from extinctions.
  • GAL-LED, LED induced creativity. The first illuminated socks, for enlighten personalities. Technology, innovation and craftsmanship for an emotional solution.
  • 2010. GALLO Evolution: a bicycle to pedal with colours. Retro style and energy, dressed in Gallo.
  • Industrialized artisanship: the weaving of the precious Egyptian cotton yarns.
  • Attention for details, to guarantee excellence: sizes checking, each sock undergoes this test.
  • Once upon a time stockings sizes used to be checked on wooden legs. Today metal has replaced wood.
  • 2010. GALLO Evolution: the shop windows of Milan Rinascente dress a Christmas three in socks. Or perhaps is a eighteenth century lady? Either one a Gallo design.
  • 2004. Socks as food, for an exhibit dedicated to limitless creativity: sushi, salami, cans… Socks become soft sculptures and colour becomes art.
  • 2010. GALLO Evolution: socks become an architectural structure and land in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan. An installation curated by Piero Lissoni for the Design Week, transforming sock lines in wood logs.
  • Attention for details, a guarantee of excellence: a stamp certifies the size and raw materials used.
  • Tagging, Gallo’s signature. Seal of excellence: only those socks that have passed all tests are worthy of it.
  • Colours, energy and yarns: are the daily bread and butter for the creativity of Gallo's Style Department.
  • 2007. Bullfighter socks: brave, fearless and proud. Dedicated to the gentleman that wants to distinguish himself, proudly showing off his style.
  • 2005 The garter: the men accessory of the XIV century, reinterpreted in contemporary style. Off course with colours..
  • 2006. GALLO Evolution: waves tamed by multicolour stripes. An homage to the surf addicted, to whom Gallo dedicated a technologically and chromatically perfect board.
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